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Commission Information

Commissions and Requests

Custom orders are currently open!

Please read before requesting a commission:

  1. Please visit the Gallery. While I will always do my best to work with you on your idea, please do not request something extremely far from my usual art style.

  2. Have in mind what your budget will be, this will help me estimate for you the limitations of the project.

  3. Do not ask me to copy another artist's work, or imitate their style, please.

Available Mediums

  • Pen and Ink

  • Acrylic

  • Watercolour

  • Woodburning

  • Wire-wrapped pendants

    • Assorted crystals and stones, please contact for availability of different kinds

  • Painted stones

If you would prefer your piece to be in another medium it is most likely possible, but may be reflected in the price if new supplies are required.

Jewelry and Mandala Stones

  • Please specify if you would like your piece done on a particular kind of stone (onyx, lapis lazuli, howlite... etc) or if you would prefer it to be created on a hand selected natural stone I've collected from Lake Ontario and other bodies of water

  • Choose if you would like the detailing done in bronze, silver or gold

  • If you would like the stone as a wire-wrapped pendant, the wire will match the detailing colour chosen unless otherwise requested

  • Chains and cords for pendants are available upon request for a small extra cost


I reserve the right to deny commissions based on subject matter (extremely graphic requests, adult content..etc), however I am open to discussion about almost all suggestions. Generally I will try and reach a compromise that everyone is comfortable with. 

I want every piece I create to be of the highest quality possible, and to maintain this, commissions are done on a first-come-first-served basis. New commissions are not accepted if there is a waiting list of more than six months. It will be posted both here, and on Instagram, with an estimation of how long will be until I can start taking new requests.  

My art and designs are handmade, and I aim for an organic and natural look. With these pieces small imperfections and asymmetry are to be expected, and in my mind, even celebrated.Every piece is unique and beautiful, flaws included. No two items will ever be exactly the same, so while I can attempt to recreate something from my gallery, it will be more of an inspiration than an exact replica.



Prices are decided based on size, subject matter, and complexity.  I will do my best to work within your budget, but please be respectful of the time and supplies it takes to create each piece. 

On occasion, extra costs are added to custom works if extra materials need to be purchased that I normally do not keep in stock, or if using a larger than usual amount of supplies.

As well, unless you are close enough for me to deliver to you personally (which may or may not be possible based on my schedule), shipping will be added to your commission. When we are discussing payment I will let you know what amount of the invoice will be shipping costs, based on the size of your order and where you would like it delivered. If you wish to have an idea beforehand how much shipping will cost, please visit the Canada Post website.

Payment Methods

I'm flexible with payment methods, but generally go through direct Paypal payments. E-Transfers are also an acceptable option. If you need another arrangement for payment, feel free to message me any time - we can discuss it and find something that works for everyone. 

In the Commissions tab above, there is a link called Payments and Donations. Follow the link to quickly and easily make a PayPal payment for a commission, or just drop me some coffee money if you're feeling generous. 

Commissions will not be shipped until payment has been received. Larger pieces may require half the cost to be paid up front as a deposit. Unclaimed commissions (unpaid for longer than a month after completed) will be put up for public sale.  

Requests and Feedback

If you don't want to order a commission, but there's something you would like to see me draw more of, feel free to contact me with any suggestions, and I may use them for one of my personal pieces. However, I still retain the rights to the final product of the idea - and also the right to sell the piece at my discretion. If you wish to purchase it after seeing it finished, contact me for a price estimate.

Also any comments, critiques, or questions are always welcome. I'll get back to you about your message as soon as possible.

Usage and Credit

If you use one of my images for a profile picture or an avatar, or repost my work anywhere, please give credit and if possible a link either to the Static Flow website or Instagram. Please do not use my images for commercial purposes. If you wish to have rights to my work for a particular use, feel free to contact me, and more than likely something can be arranged.


If you'd like to work with me on a project, or would like to use my work for one of yours, I'd love to hear from you! I'm always open to having a chat about collaborating on art or other ideas.

I also love to work on album art, packaging design, and logo designs, so if you are searching for a unique look for your brand, let's make it happen!